2022 BC Boys 'A' Volleyball
December 1-3

Welcome from Tournament Coordinators - Tom Veenstra & Sondra Neudorf

On behalf of the whole DCS community, we’d like to extend a friendly and warm welcome to all participating teams, coaches, fans and friends.

We wish to congratulate all of the teams and coaches who have achieved a place in this tournament. You have all worked very hard to get where you are now.

DCS is excited to be hosting this fantastic tournament! We would like to give a huge ‘shout-out’ to Frances Kelsey Secondary for hosting games on the first two days. Adam Johnston and Todd Blumel have gone above and beyond in helping us and we sincerely appreciate their hard work. We would like to extend a particular thank you to Tara Floucault and Amanda Poelman who have been planning with us since the beginning of the school year. And of course, the staff, students and parents of the DCS community - without your incredible energy and dedication, we would never have been able to organize and prepare for this exciting event.

We trust and pray that all of you: players, coaches and supporters will enjoy your stay in Duncan and that your experience will be a pleasant and positive one, regardless of your tournament ranking. May you truly experience the warmth of our “warmland” exhibited in the care, concern and love of our beautiful community. Blessings to all of you!

Welcome from Peter Terpstra - Principal - Duncan Christian School

‘Uy’ skweyul siem. ‛Uy‛ kwunus ‛i lumnamu.

Welcome, respected friends. It is good to see you. Duncan Christian School is excited to welcome you.

We have had a blast hosting Provincial Championships in the past and again look forward to the excitement of welcoming teams from around British Columbia.

Whatever the final scores of the games played, our hope is that you will experience the care and hospitality DCS is known for, from our students, staff and volunteers, as well as from visiting teams and athletes.

We challenge you - athletes, supporters, and coaches - that as you compete, coach and cheer to reflect kindness, patience, and great sportsmanship to all around you throughout the tournament.

May your tournament journey lead to strengthened relationships with coaches, parents and teammates and new relationships with some of the many athletes from other schools. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask our tournament coordinators or any of the helpful DCS student leaders and volunteers. Play hard and enjoy this terrific opportunity to represent your schools as part of the 2022 Provincial Championship!

Welcome from Andrew Nagtegaal - DCS Board Chair

On behalf of the Duncan Christian School board, I extend a warm welcome to all the athletes, coaches and spectators participating in this year’s Provincial Senior Boys ‘A’ Volleyball Championship Tournament.

Duncan Christian School has had the privilege to host tournaments of this caliber in the past and we wish to make you feel honored and welcome.

This Championship will be a culmination of hours practiced, games won and lost, along with dreams to be the best you can be. Getting to play at this level takes tremendous determination, difficult times, extremely hard work and I am sure some tears. The skills you have learned on the court have made you better players, but the lessons you have learned about setting goals, working together and succeeding as a team have made you better people. Regardless of where you may place this week, what you have done is a wonderful accomplishment. Ready yourself with calculated composure and play hard just as you have in the games leading up to this. The stage may be different, but the rules are the same. The five other players on the floor with you, are your partners, your team, your friends, and you owe it to each other to relax, have fun, and play as hard as you have ever played. You have earned the privilege to compete at this level.

God has given you the skills and ability to play this game, use them well, and may He bless the efforts of you and your teammates.

Message from BC School Sports Executive Director - Jordan Abney

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you all to the BC School Sports ‘A’ Volleyball Provincial Championships hosted by Duncan Christian School. I congratulate every team for qualifying for the Provincial Championships! Of the 76,000+ student-athletes that compete in schools sport each year; few get the chance to compete in a BCSS provincial championship for the coveted blue BCSS Provincial Champion banner. For most, it will be the pinnacle of their sporting careers and we are thrilled to be able to put on this memorable experience for our student-athletes.

It takes a large group of dedicated people to put on a volleyball season, culminating in this great event. A huge thank you to the host committee, led by Championship Chair, Tom Veenstra of Duncan Christian. Tom and the entire team here at DCS are wonderful servant-leaders, who continue to give much of their time to support our student-athletes pursue their passions. None of this is possible without them, and I sincerely thank them for their dedication and leadership.

I want to thank the coaches of these teams, and all school coaches across the province. It is a huge commitment to take on the leadership of a team, and these coaches continue to selflessly give countless hours in service of our student-athletes. Student-athletes, be sure take time to properly thank each of them for giving their time to help make you a better volleyball player, and more importantly a better person that will better our communities now and for years to come.

Student-athletes, remember that you are representing your team, your school and your community. Compete like crazy, but do it in a way that reflects the values of educational athletics and will make your school proud to have you representing them on this stage. I hope each of you performs your very best, and that there will be memories created and bonds cemented that will last a lifetime.

Bronze and Gold Medal Match Photo Gallery
Photo credits Todd Blumel

Duncan Christian School